Custom Website Solutions

Internal applications. Custom websites. Client solutions.

We’ve got you sorted.

Streamline operations with a new web based applicaiton

SEO Ballarat can help you build solutions to help your workplace and clients.

What is a custom website?

Basically, if you need a website to do something non-standard, then SEO Ballarat are the solution for you. We’ve built everything from CRM solutions to API based applications, online calculators and more. We sit down with you and design a solution which not only works within your budget, but also achieves your goals.

We can also work with you to understand the feasibility of the solution to make sure what you’re doing is going to get you where you need. We can often introduce other platforms or applications ideas which will allow us to provide a more cost effective solution, or allow for a quicker implementation without compromise to quality.

Why would I need a custom solution?

There can be a million reasons why you need to consider a custom solution for your next project. Commonly you’ll need to consider a custom solution if:

– You have existing data to integrate
– There are no products available for your needs
– You need features which you can’t find elsewhere
– You want something which you own which you plan to resell

To find out if a custom website is what you need, contact SEO Ballarat today on (03) 5292 2711 to arrange a no obligation meeting to go over your options.

Why choose SEO Ballarat?

SEO Ballarat provides a range of benefits over our competitors in web design:

1) As SEO experts, we have a great understanding of end user needs, to ensure you get a solution which works as you want from day one.
2) Our solutions will commonly come with a warranty period for peace of mind. This allowance allows you to identify issues which you may have missed earlier and can get them fixed free of charge.
3) At SEO Ballarat we provide personal service. You will have direct contact to your project manager. This means there’s no explaining who you are and your situation every time you call or email.
4) We look at the best solution for you, not a cookie cutter approach.

Service areas

Though we’re based in Victoria, we have clients all over Australia. Working with so many businesses has given us a range of insights and contact which we would never have been able to achieve otherwise.

We not just companies only. We have multiple staff with NV1 Government security clearance to allowing us to work in secure environments while maintaining your peace of mind.

All our web design services are now offered through Tech Studio. You can find out more about the service by visiting their web design page.