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Create a Google Plus listing from a Google Business page

Google is no longer automatically creating Google Plus listings for businesses listed on Google My Business. This tutorial is written on the assumption that you already have a Google My Business listing, and want to create a linked Google Plus page.

You want to try and link up your online profiles as much as you can. This will help the SEO for your business.


Google My Business is the place to add your business information to Google such as opening hours, store location, phone number, etc. This is used by Google to populate search results while also allowing your business to turn up in Google Maps. It also allows customers to quickly find your business details with services such as Google Voice Search (eg. the “OK Google” widget).


This page shows all your business profiles linked to your account. If your business is linked to another account, switch accounts by clicking the account icon up the top right of the page. The direct link to the page is


Click the business you want to add the Google Plus page to

If you can’t find the business, ensure you’re logged in with the correct account. You may also want to consider adding the business by going to


On the left menu, click “Enable Google+”

If you don’t see this option it’s likely that you already have a Google Plus page. If you do have a Google Plus then you’re done. (** Click image to enlarge)

Enable Google+ image

Add any missing information and submit the page

The more information you provide the better that your page will appear online. It will also help users contact you as they will have more ways to do so.

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