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Search Engine Optimisation for Geelong

SEO can be one of the best things that you can do for your business. With internet usage growing daily and the number of people turning to the web looking for answers has created a platform that is ripe with opportunity. We provide a range of SEO solutions to help you take advantage of this ever growing and changing digital world. We can help you with all aspects of SEO to make you a leader in Geelong in areas including local search optimisation to improved performance, conversion optimisation and more. Whether you’re in the corporate sector, or run a family business in the middle of Geelong, we can provide SEO solution that’s perfect for you. We also offer a range of options including full time SEO support, part time solutions and ad hoc services. This allows us to work together in a way that provides you with the best results while staying in your budget and helping you generate a great return on your investment.

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Benefits of SEO in Geelong

SEO saving businesses like a life ring

Dominate the local industry

Be the first business people see. By connecting to these people you can quickly grow your business into an industry leader for Geelong.

image showing how SEO helps people love your brand

Build your brand

The more people that see your business online, the more that they will recognise you and your brand.

Rocketing to the top with SEO

Search Engines friendly

Don’t risk your business sitting on page 10 of search results. Get to number 1 to help your customers buy your products/services.

SEO using cloud services to optimise web services

Learn about your customers

Use analytics to find out more about your customers, your website performance, busy times, pain points, opportunities and more.

A computer showing data being downloaded as a results of good SEO

Fantastic ROI

SEO helps improve customer conversion, usability, performance and more. Use this to improve your conversion rate and therefore return on investment.

Growing a businesses connections using SEO

Grow your customer network

By improving your online business, you can outperform your competitors in Google Searches to grow your customer base throughout Geelong and Australia.


Geelong SEO Services

Link Building

Also known as backlinks, these links generate more ways for people to find your website online.

Keyword targeting

Rank well under your chosen Geelong related keywords. The higher you rank, the more people can find you.

Conversion optimisation

When people visit your website, help convert them into paying customers. By streamlining the process, you’ll convince more people to buy.

Load Time Improvements

Make your website run faster with image optimisation, content delivery networks, HTML minimisation and more.

Content Writing/Rewriting

Write your content for your chosen audience. If you’re using the wrong tone or keywords they will be less likely to use your business.

Usability Improvements

Make the website simple to use. This includes being compatible on different devices, web browsers, locations and more.

Blog Posting

Work with online companies to present your business to their customers. This can be anything from a local influencers to comparison sites and more.

Mobile Optimisation

With mobiles becoming the most common way to browse the web, it’s essential that your website works on mobile devices.

Navigation Optimisation

Is it easy to find a particular piece of content on your website? If not, let’s work to improve your navigation to improve your SEO.


Geelong SEO Packages

We work hard to ensure that our packages are competitive and designed to best suit your needs. If you’re looking for something that’s not listed below, or for more information, please don’t hesitate to call today our friendly team on 0412 629 338.

Link Building

Links going to your website helps create more avenues for people to find your website, improves website credibility in the eyes of search engines and helps you turn up in more searches.  We create listings on a range of sites including Womo, Yelp and True Local. Once setup there are no ongoing fees for this service.

Analysis & Reporting

Do you want to know how your customers are finding you? Do you know how many people visit your website in a day? Do you know which advertising campaigns are working well? Answer all these questions and more with our SEO reporting package. The package includes analytics setup,  analysis, consultation and advice.

Consultations and Training

Looking to improve your website in your own time, or looking to up skill your staff? Book in one (or more) consultations with our experts and we can help teach you how to improve the SEO of your website from both day to day to long term strategies. Sessions are interactive and we can come to you.


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